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Sugar Moma

Hello, my name is Sandra and I am thirty two years old. I am a Top Class Single Mum, I have my own money but I need a lover. Durban is where I reside and where I work as well. I work for myself so I am self employed and am an entrepreneur too.

The income I get from my my business satisfies me. To mention but a few, I got enough money and love for you and me. If you are really looking for a better love life with no headaches then you should try me. You can come live with me if that is okay with you.

As a Top Class Single Mum In this way you can enjoy more of my time. I will treat you like my prince, just let me love you. My body is thick but fine, and I am short in height. I have got a good taste of fashion, my dressing won’t disappoint you.

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What Top Class Single Mum is looking for

I am looking for a Ben10 whose age ranges from eighteen to twenty- five years old. This age really understands me better than the ones older than me. Young love does not give me headaches, I just need someone to have fun with. Some one who can understand me and my needs.

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One who can spend some time at my house or even days, I don’t mind. I want a guy who will love me truly, I won’t hesitate to give him anything he asks for. However I want a young mature guy who will understand this type of relationship.

I am not racist, so I do not mind even if you are white, colored or black. Whatever religion is cool with me, love conquers all. A guy that will respect me not because of my age but as his love partner. A non violent man who promotes peace.

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This is what I will offer

I understand at this age some won’t be working so your needs and expenses are to be covered by me. Love you truely and deeply. Respect you as my love partner, to me age doesn’t matter. Loyalty, I will stay loyal to you and prove my love to you. Suplort you emotionally and financially in archieving your goals. Through the ups and downs, I will always have your back. Consider your decisions and wishes as well.

How to get in touch with me

As a Top Class Single Mum i am ready to Meet you and give you my whatsapp number. If you need to chat with me please sign up on SATESPACE. For you to Sign Up please use the button below.

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We can talk further on whatsapp if you are serious. Please if you do not match the above mentioned then don’t bother texting me. My whatsapp number is easy to get. What are you waiting for, text me first and be the lucky one. If you face any problem please Send a message on Contact Us page

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